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If you’re searching for an insulation company in Birmingham or its surrounding areas, Insulation Birmingham AL is here for you. When it relates to saving money and maximizing energy efficiency with insulation, the attic is the primary place you need to look at. Insulating the roof or floor of your attic is among the simplest ways to make your house more energy-efficient. Here at our company, we ensure that we only use the best quality products for all of our projects, so you can trust that hiring our company is one of the best things that you can do. Our main priority is to help make your house more energy-efficient and comfy during the entire season. Contact us online or read more about our attic insulation Birmingham AL services, or if you’re ready to begin your insulation project, call us now!

If you’ve ever noticed your house getting too hot in the summer or too cold in winter, it may be time to check out your attic insulation. If your home isn’t correctly insulated or your insulation is damaged, you may be spending hundreds of dollars more on electricity bills each year. The objective of insulation is to regulate the flow of temperature inside your home. Poor insulation can cause higher energy bills and uncomfortable conditions in your dwelling. Appropriate Birmingham AL attic insulation installation can significantly reduce your heating and cooling expenses. It will maintain your home’s heat in the winter months, and in the summer, it will keep your house cooler.

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Birmingham AL Attic Insulation

Since the outside weather’s effects seep into the living space through the attic, it is essential to get optimum insulation and complete sealing to lower the impact of outdoor temperature (cold or hot) in your home. When done correctly, spray foam can decrease the effect of severe outdoor temperatures by approximately forty percent; thereby lowering the demand for excessive and constant use of heating and cooling systems throughout the year. Furthermore, spray foam insulated attics don’t let as much cold air leak out of your house, unlike conventional materials. This is known as preserving energy; stopping the loss of cooling and heat produced by the HVAC system from your home reduces the overall financial and energy waste. When you want to decrease the concern of your monthly energy bills, and wish for a comfortable summer and a cozy winter season, then give our spray foam and batt insulation installers in Birmingham AL a call.

Although proper insulation is a great thing to have, that is not the case with having too much insulation. Having too much insulation can damage your HVAC system’s overall performance. Over-insulation restricts airflow through the ducts and lowers your home’s ventilation capability. This provides rise to a plethora of issues, like moisture problems and unsafe mold growth. Damaged insulation is insulation that is not performing its job correctly. Insulation technology has improved considerably within the past few decades. If you have an old home, new insulation in Birmingham AL can help boost its effectiveness and lower your energy bills.

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