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Cellulose insulation generally consists of small fragments of recycled cardboard and paper. These pieces are treated with a flame retardant for safety reasons before they are blown directly into attics and between wall spaces as a filler. Plenty of homeowners and property owners pick cellulose insulation since it is cost-efficient, useful, and ecological insulation Birmingham AL. Blown-in cellulose is different because it enables property owners to include insulation into their buildings without tearing down or otherwise exposing walls. In many instances, installation is a straightforward procedure that could quickly work around cables, plumbing, and other inner wall obstacles. You will find plenty of explanations why most homeowners choose cellulose over any other material when trying to take their insulation to the next level.

As stated above, cellulose is eco-friendly compared to other materials, without the inclusion of formaldehyde or any other hazardous chemicals. Because it can be blown into tiny cavities, it consistently performs to a high standard. It is just about the most useful substance available for keeping conditioned air in the building. It is also fire retardant, and that means you can rest easy knowing that both you and your family are protected at night.

​An insulating material’s “R-­Value” pertains to its ability to maintain conditioned air from escaping. With an R-Value of as much as R­70, cellulose is among the most excellent materials available to modern homeowners. Because it’s “blown-in” to spots, its tight fit decreases the risks of air pockets developing, which can reduce energy efficiency and make an uncomfortable home environment. We are confident that you will notice a positive difference regarding your home’s comfort and energy costs after installing the cellulose insulation. We would be more than happy to give you additional info about cellulose attic insulation Birmingham AL, and why it is an excellent fit for your house.

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We provide various insulation choices if you need to boost your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. In case you’re considering upgrading the wall insulation at your house, you might find that our wall spray cellulose insulation is a terrific option. Wall spray cellulose insulation will adhere to your wall surfaces far more productively than batt or blown-in fiberglass insulation. It’s also less likely to settle as time passes, which can reduce home energy efficiency as your insulation starts to age. Lastly, this type of insulation is a great green energy solution compared with several other insulation types. Our contractors can eliminate your old insulation and use the new insulation efficiently and quickly.

Deciding on the best insulation for your house begins with a chat with our energy efficiency contractors. As one of the most prominent insulation companies Birmingham AL, we can make expert recommendations and address any issues you may have about boosting your home comfort and lessening your energy expenses. Wall spray cellulose insulation is only one of our numerous solutions, and we’ll be glad to go over the solutions which best meet your needs. You can contact us today for more info about our insulation services and plan a free estimate for your house. We look forward to assisting you in achieving your eco-friendly energy goals!

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